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5 Advantages of a Non-Tumble Dryer for Fire Gear and Turnout Gear

Our PPE dryer systems are portable, low-maintenance and designed to dry your protective equipment in the most efficient and effective way possible. At Williams Direct Dryers, we often get asked why our turnout gear dryers are superior to the traditional tumble dryer. There are a multitude of reasons why we believe our non-tumble dryers are in a league of their own, but we narrowed these reasons down to the top five most important.

Proper drying of ppe gear is crucial for firefighters

Fibril Integrity

Your equipment needs to maintain its protective qualities. While tumble dryers can dry turnout gear quickly the high heat and tumbling action is harsh on your gear and poses a serious threat to its structural and protective effectiveness. Even smart dryers with programmable heat settings can damage the fibril integrity of your gear over time. Since our PPE dryers just require you to hang your equipment up, there is no impact or stress placed on your gear during the drying process. Additionally, the warm air from a Williams Direct turnout gear dryer is NFPA friendly and doesn’t compromise the effectiveness or integrity of your gear in the way that a tumble dryer does.

Low Noise Output

The only noise you may hear from our gear dryers is the low hum of the unit’s air system. This hum sits around the same level of a normal conversation. This is much less invasive compared to the tumbling and rattling sound often produced by tumble dryers.

Low Maintenance

A tumble dryer has more moving parts and higher heat output which creates a higher likelihood for components to break down over time. The unusual wiring requirements of other tumble dryers also create unique maintenance situations where a professional should be called to remedy the problem as it poses a safety risk if maintained incorrectly. The life our fire gear dryers and turnout gear dryers is much longer due to the minimalist design and nature of the unit.

No Special Wiring

As mentioned above, high heat tumble dryers often require special wiring to deal with the high amperage needed for our competitors’ machines to run. If damage is done to these wires it can result in costly and time-consuming maintenance that needs to be performed by a professional who is familiar with the specific tumble dryer’s electrical system. Our air dryers from William Direct Dryers don’t require this special wiring or maintenance because they require less amperage to operate.

Cost Effective

Less amperage is required to run our PPE dryers which results in lower energy usage and cost on the consumers end. The less moving parts means less wear-and-tear on the unit, which means no maintenance costs. The size limitations of tumble dryers may also mean that gear may have to be dried separately depending on the amount needed to be dried at one time, further increasing energy costs.

Williams Direct Dryers most popular series of turnout gear dryers offer full portability. Take the dryer to the gear to keep your gear dry both after cleaning and between runs.

When comparing our PPE dryer systems to tumble dryers the difference is clear. If you want a cost-effective drying system that effectively dries your gear and keeps its protective qualities intact, look no further than our state-of-the-art PPE dryers. Contact us today to get your gear dried the right way!