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NFPA-friendly non-tumble style dryers for all First Responders PPE

No one knows the importance of safety like the men and women who have chosen careers in public safety. Williams Direct Dryers has made it our mission to honor your commitment to your community with a promise of our own: we will always develop the safest, most effective turnout / fire gear dryers possible to help care for the equipment that takes care of you.

Our non-tumble style gear dryers are NFPA-friendly with stainless hardware built into the toughest dryer ever. Each unit is built with durable components and is designed to last even through frequent use. Perhaps this is why many fire departments across the globe have chosen to install our gear dryers to care for their equipment.

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Our innovative drying system comes with unmatched benefits:

Maintain thermal stability of PPE

Increase usable life of turnout gear

Helps remove 99.95 % of bacteria from gear when dried between use

Helps eliminate mildew growth and odor

Our dryers offer the best and safest drying option for all your PPE. Switch between NFPA compliant warm, high volume air or ambient temperature high volume air drying with the flick of a switch. Learn more about our energy management systems.

Your Partners Since 1989

Williams Direct Dryers is your partner in equipment maintenance and protection. We manufacture over 50 different styles of turnout and fire gear dryers, so you can choose the size and style that best fits your needs. We can even accommodate custom orders to ensure that you get exactly the right dryer for you and your crew. We stand behind our dryers and support our customers. Whatever you need, you can be confident that our team will assist you. We live by our motto: “If you can wear it… we can dry it!”

Don’t wait to take control of your team’s health. Our dryers offer better drying options, which reduces contamination from common pollutants like dust and ash. Switch between warmed air and ambient drying with the flick of a switch to accommodate delicate items like masks or turnout gear with thermal protection.

Client Testimonials

Read what customers have been saying about our products

Jack Wilson, Senior Instructor

Delaware State Fire School (DE)

Our one piece suits are dry in hours – not days. Thank you!

Dan Hoff, Chief

York Area United Fire Rescue (PA)

Our dryers all work beyond expectations. Wet is dry in no time. We wash our gear more often and the service from Williams and Jon Kugler has been great.

Todd Draizen, Deputy Chief

Sunrise Fire Rescue (FL)

Perfect dryer for our PPE. We love it! It dries the gear in about 2 hours as promised giving us an edge in readiness and response.

Al Hird, Captain

Calgary Fire Dpt, AB

I have used the gear dryer on several occasions for gear that is just “wet” to stuff that is really soaked. The best results come when the liner and shell are separated, of course; otherwise it takes about 4-6 hours for really soaked gear and less for “wet”. Boots and gloves take a lot less. …

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Dave Nilio, Fire Marshall

Wilton Manors FD (FL)

This PS5 is great! We love it! In our humid climate this allows us to dry our gear and be ready at all time.

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