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Industries that use our boot and gear dryers

Here are just a few of the industries that we serve with our boot dryers & gear dryers. If you don’t see your specific industry listed, contact us to see how we can help dry your crew’s gear and boots to keep them all safer and help them perform optimally.

Public Works

Our boot and gear dryers are suitable for all sorts of public works that serve the greater community. From parks to bridges, to municipal buildings, to roads, you want your team to be safe and healthy while they work to keep their community safe and healthy. Our boot and gear dryers increase the lifespan of all public works apparel and have different drying options to accommodate all sorts of gear.

Oil & Gas Industry

At times personnel may have to deal with flames, flash fires, heavy objects, and corrosive chemicals in the oil and gas industry. Because of these harsh conditions, you want the gear used by your workers to be in top condition without developing cracks, splits, and other signs of wear and tear. In addition, gear should not only be safe but comfortable to use—our boot and gear dryers can assist in this.


The last thing mine workers want to worry about is uncomfortable, damp gear that is unsafe. Through the proper drying of mining boots and mining gear, comfort can be enhanced, and the shelf life of equipment can be extended. In addition, when mining gear worn by workers is kept in top shape, injuries can be prevented, and work can keep moving ahead. Keep your employees focused on the task at hand, not on being cold and wet.

Fire Departments

Firefighters are exposed to all sorts of hazards—from flames to fumes to falling debris; there is a lot to deal with. At a fire department, you want your team to not only be safe but you want to respond to fire emergencies with as little downtime as possible. With our gear and boot dryers, we help keep firefighter gear in prime condition and ready for rapid use.

First Responders

Emergency medical services, fire, police personnel, and other first responders need to be able to focus on the task at hand without worrying about the condition of their gear and equipment. As a first responder, one may have to deal with dangers ranging from fires to bodily fluids to hazardous chemicals. Our boot and gear dryers dry equipment fast, eliminate 99.95% of bacteria, and extend the lifespan of the equipment.

Law Enforcement

In law enforcement, you can’t afford to have gear that isn’t up to standards. When you put yourself in harm’s way, you want to be sure you are protected. Our boot and gear dryers can accommodate many different items used by law enforcement personnel and also reduce risks associated with mildew and damp gear. Remember, bullet resistant vests need be dry to be optimally effective.

Bomb Squad

Working in a bomb squad, you need to be ready at a moment’s notice for action. Not only do you have to respond rapidly to emergencies, but you have to deal with potential explosives that are extremely dangerous. Because of this, you want to ensure that all of your gear and equipment is in top condition, dry, and ready to go.

Special Ops

Special ops need to not only be properly trained but equipped to help ensure that their missions are successful. With our boot and gear dryers, we can help special ops dry their gear fast to reduce downtime and enable them to do the tasks they are assigned to do. Damp helmets are a breeding ground for pathogens. Continuously dried helmets with a Williams Direct Dryer help eliminate 99.95% of all bacteria.