Manufacturing Personal Protective Equipment Dryers Since 1989

About Williams Direct Dryers

In 1989 our first production model boot dryer was built for a ski rental operation. This was quite an achievement, because in those days nobody believed that drying boots was needed. Today there are very few rental operations that don’t understand the importance of dry boots. The same can be said of other people who wear their boots to work!

PPE Dryers for First Responders

Now we are building PPE Dryers™ for First Responders. But the one thing that is still in common with that very first dryer (which by the way is still operating) is quality. We are proud of our high standards, attention to detail, and innovative ideas.

Our customer base reads like a “Who’s Who” – NASA, the US Military, Canadian Military, fire departments both large and small, major industrial users, 5-star resorts, national professional sports teams, and many satisfied individual customers.

We are customer-driven. Many of our product lines have been developed after satisfying a request from a single client. And dryers are not a sideline for us. They are our only business, and we take that very seriously!