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Dan Hoff, Chief

York Area United Fire Rescue (PA)

Our dryers all work beyond expectations. Wet is dry in no time. We wash our gear more often and the service from Williams and Jon Kugler has been great.

Richard Oakes, Chief of Department

Vinton FD (VA)

The drying time and safety you have given us is perfect. No doubt we made the right choice in purchasing your dryer.

Scott Schneider, Fire Chief/EFO

Two Rivers FD (WI)

I can certainly say we are very pleased with our four-station gear dryer. After a number of fires, we have had and the ongoing training, the use of our washer and then the gear dryer dramatically improves the drying time. We could rotate multiple sets through in the duration of a day which improved operational efficiency. We are very pleased we could purchase a piece of equipment like this.

Dave Schmidt, Acting Chief & Rich Carter, Captain

Elgin FD (IL)

Best. Dryer. Ever! We could not more pleased with the service, price and effectiveness of the Williams Dryers. Jon Kugler is knowledgeable, energetic and willing to go the extra mile to make sure we were well taken care of before, during and after the purchase.

Todd Draizen, Deputy Chief

Sunrise Fire Rescue (FL)

Perfect dryer for our PPE. We love it! It dries the gear in about 2 hours as promised giving us an edge in readiness and response.

Kenny Mills, Chief

Culpepper FD (VA)

Great Dryer! Great Price! Great Service! Thank you, Williams!

Peter Hullings, Technician

Troy FD (MI)

The PS 2 dryer fits our stations and needs very well. It is well liked with our firefighters drying our gear quickly.

James Curry, Deputy Chief, Logistics.

Sandy Springs Fire Rescue (GA)

Safety is #1 concern. These dryers deliver a key component to our long-term safety goals of reducing injuries and exposure to carcinogens.

Frank Babinec, Chief

Coral Springs Fire Rescue (FL)

Better than expected performance. This dryer beats every other dryer on the market. Hands down! Great product, great service.

Jack Wilson, Senior Instructor

Delaware State Fire School (DE)

Our one piece suits are dry in hours – not days. Thank you!

Jim McCann, Chief

East Windsor VFD (NJ)

Our PS4/R8 is in use a lot. We wash our gear more and our firefighters are prepared and safe.

Dan Burkett, Chief

South Newton Twp. Vol. Fire Dept. (PA)

Dollar for dollar the best dryer on the market. We looked at many gear dryers and our PS4 delivers every bit of the quality and timeliness that we expect.

Lou Brungard, Fire Chief

Pleasant Gap Fire Co. (PA)

Our PS4 dryer has our gear ready in hours. From laundering to drying we are complete in 3 hours. It shows the quality, craftsmanship and commitment of Williams to firefighter safety.

Dave Nilio, Fire Marshall

Wilton Manors FD (FL)

This PS5 is great! We love it! In our humid climate this allows us to dry our gear and be ready at all time.

Mike LaPlante, Assistant Chief

Farmingdale VFD (ME)

The PS2 fits our needs quite well. Thank you!

Tommy McKenzie, Fire Chief

Lovell VFD (ME)

Our PS4/R8 is really great. We like the fast drying time. In our cold weather climate, this dryer delivers. No more wet gloves boots and turnouts.

Eggert, Chief

Lumpkin County Fire Dpt, GA

We are very happy with our dryer. The dryer is working great!!

Al Hird, Captain

Calgary Fire Dpt, AB
I have used the gear dryer on several occasions for gear that is just “wet” to stuff that is really soaked. The best results come when the liner and shell are separated, of course; otherwise it takes about 4-6 hours for really soaked gear and less for “wet”. Boots and gloves take a lot less. We are really happy with the dryer and it gets used frequently by all the crews. The mobility with the caster wheels is also appreciated with the tight quarters we have here.

Dan Contini, Chief

Palmer Emergency Service, AK

Our second dryer is working as well as the first and our gear is washed more often because of the quickness of the drying process. Looking to purchase our 3rd dryer.

Ken Freiburger, Chief

Walkerton Fire Dpt, ON

This unit is doing a fantastic drying job. The gear feels like it was naturally dried which leaves it soft and plyable. After our washing and drying you would think the gear was new right out of the bag.

Scott A. Clifford, Lieutenant

Richmond Fire Dpt, KY

The Model RM8 that we purchased is of the finest quality and workmanship that I have seen in a long time. Desmond Mayne was very helpful and courteous in answering any and all questions we had regarding this product. The unit is very “User Friendly” and effective in mask drying. Keep up the good work.

Chris Guile, Fire Investigator

Edwardsville Fire Dpt, IL

We received the dryer and it is now in operation. It works great! Hopefully this will encourage the guys to clean their gear more often. Thank you for your help.