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Will Your PPE Gear Survive the Harsh Summer Months?

Why Summer Is So Damaging 

First responders don’t get to stay home just because it’s hot out. Your job isn’t a ‘weather permitting’ job. That’s why as temperatures rise, it’s more important than ever to hydrate and to make sure you’re taking proper care of your PPE gear. Your PPE gear may keep you safe, but it also keeps you extremely warm. The hotter you are, the more you sweat. To prevent dehydration and heat strokes, first responders need to make sure they’re consistently intaking enough fluids, especially during the summer months.

However, the more fluids we drink, the more we sweat. Pumping so much sweat into our PPE gear in such warm temperatures means summer creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. When growth starts, it can quickly overcome your gear, creating that locker room smell you can’t seem to get rid of no matter how hard you try. If you want to avoid bacteria growth and ensure your team’s PPE gear stays smelling fresh, you need to go the extra mile.

Take the Extra Precautions

Although it’s always important to ensure your PPE gear is properly dried year-round, summer months tend to be the most crucial months to make sure your gear is getting every ounce of moisture out of it as quickly as possible. The less moisture in the gear, the smaller the chance for bacteria growth. Read on for three tips on how to keep your gear smelling fresh this summer season.

Change Out of Gear As Soon As Possible

Wear your gear the least amount of time as possible. After you get back to the station, immediately change and dry your gear. Even though it may be tempting, there should be no lounging around in your pants or boots. Another key to keep in mind is that socks and undergarments don’t last as long as you might think they do. If we throw them out sooner, we can reduce the growth of bacteria in our gear.

Say Goodbye to Tumble Dryers

Not only are tumble dryers not designed to effectively dry PPE gear, they damage gear all together. Although your gear is tough and designed to protect you on the job, parts of it are very delicate and require gentle care when cleaning. Tumble dryers are rough on gear. From high heat to violently tossing gear around inside them, they dramatically shorten the lifespan of your gear and struggle to get it completely dried in one cycle. An uneven dry means being forced to choose between re-drying dry parts of your gear to dry the parts that are still damp or leaving the damp areas and allowing bacteria to grow. Either option can be extremely detrimental. It is best to avoid these dryers entirely.

Install a PPE Dryer Before Summer Strikes 

PPE gear wasn’t made to go in tumble dryers, but our dryers were made for your PPE gear.

Designed specifically for PPE gear, there’s a place for every piece of your uniform. The unique design of our dryers means even the most difficult parts of your gear will be dried and bacteria fended off. From the inside of your boots to the fingers of your gloves, there’s nowhere our dryers can’t reach. Plus, we use a low, warm heat designed to dry your gear without the harmful damage of extreme heat, extending the life of your gear in the process!

Contact Williams Direct Dryers

Install a PPE dryer before summer sneaks up on your team and their gear.

Contact Williams Direct Dryers today to get the process started. A member of our team can help you pick a dryer that is right for your unique needs. Don’t let another piece of expensive gear fall victim to that pesky locker room smell and keep clothes smelling fresh no matter how hot it is outside with Williams Direct Dryers. Call for a free quote today!