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Firefighters Cancer Mitigation

No one knows the importance of safety like the men and women who have chosen careers in fire service. Firefighters face dangers every day, but one of the biggest is their exposure to cancer causing agents.

Cancer has become a major problem in the fire service industry. According to the National Institute of Occupation Safety and Health (NIOSH) study, Firefighters have a higher risk of being diagnosed and of dying from cancer than the general population. This is because they are exposed to risk factors (such as ash and smoke) that cause a higher rate of certain cancers. In fact, cancer is the leading cause of death among firefighters.

As we see the devastating toll cancer is taking on those in fire service, we need to explore best practices for cancer mitigation.

It is very dangerous if carcinogens make it past the PPE into the skin. Preventing exposure to these cancer risks is critical. Safely managing gear after a fire is an important step in preventing cancer. Decontamination is key.

While proper washing of fire gear is critical to reduce exposure and prevent cancer, proper drying is just as important in contributing to safe gear. At Williams Direct Dryers, our turnout gear dryers help remove up to 99.95% bacteria and mildew growth while also extending the life of the gear. Our NFPA-friendly non-tumble dryers are made specifically for firefighter duty gear and accommodate apparel such as masks or turnout gear.

Firefighters may not be able to avoid the smoke that creates carcinogens, but they can wear appropriate PPE and decontaminate their fire gear to help prevent cancer after each fire.

Williams Direct Dryers wants to help protect those who serve to protect us. Making changes in the process to decontaminate gear after fires can help reduce the number of members being diagnosed with cancer.

Williams Direct Dryers is a partner in equipment maintenance and protection since 1989. We manufacture over 50 different styles of gear dryers, with various sizes and styles to fit specific needs. We accommodate custom orders to ensure we get the right dryer for you and your crew.

We stand behind our dryers and support our customers. Whatever you need, our team is here to assist. Learn more about out more about our fire gear dryers.

Stay tuned for our new documentary video on cancer prevention for the fire service based on the experience of a major North American Fire Department!