Wall Mountable 12 Post SCBA Helmet Dryer

Dry Numerous Helmet Styles & Remove Smells and Bacterial Quickly

Model H12

Description : Wall Mount 12 unit helmet dryer
Dimensions: 24x16x65 in
Weight: 60 lbs
Volts : 110V
Amps : 8A
Heater : 900 Watts
Blower : 388 cfm
Notes : • Dries Various Helmet Styles including Flight Helmets
• Proven to Help Eliminate Odor& Fungal/Bacterial Contamination
• Floor Supported & Wall Mounted
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The unit is very "User Friendly" and effective in mask drying. Keep up the good work.

Lt. Scott A. Clifford, East Putnam Fire Dept.

Just wanted to let you know that the dryer arrived yesterday. We just put it together and it works just great.

Sgt. Shawn Harrison