Bunker Gear Dryers

Blast carcinogens and bacteria with heavy-duty fire gear dryers that can’t be beat.

Dry Suit Dryer

Williams Direct Dryers understands the importance of clean equipment when it comes to the health of first responders. Our bunker gear dryers are designed to work quickly to keep your equipment ready to go at a moment’s notice. Our fast-drying process plays a major role in protecting and prolonging the life of your bunker gear. Moisture reduction helps maintain thermal stability of all equipment and eliminates mildew and bacteria growth before it begins.

Quality is our priority. Each dryer is built with a durable stainless frame and a water resistant switch that can withstand damp gear as well as humid environments. Our units also operate quietly, which makes them ideal for indoor use.

Williams Direct Dryers designs quality bunker gear dryers with you in mind:

  • Antimicrobial finish available
  • Stainless hardware
  • Water resistant switch
  • Portable or wall-mounted options
  • Dry multiple ensembles at once

Our non-tumble style drying systems effectively dry everything from SCBA masks to boots, gloves, helmets, and rescue suits. We offer a variety of styles, including both portable and wall-mounted bunker gear dryers to accommodate any space. There is no limit to what Williams Direct Dryers can do for you!

Our fire gear dryers have been trusted by NASA, Canadian and U.S. militaries and fire departments across the continent. Our products are National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) compatible and are electrically certified by CSA for North America, C-Tick Certified for Australia and New Zealand and CE certified for Europe. There is a reason so many organizations trust Williams Direct Dryers: our business was founded on high quality products produced with the end user in mind. We understand how important it is for first responders to have clean, dry gear available at all times. We put the same high standards into each dryer design we create so you are guaranteed to get a quality drying system that will meet all expectations.

Are you ready to invest in clean, dry gear? Contact us today to create a completely custom fire gear dryer or choose from our selection of pre-made dryers for performance that is time-tested. Your health starts here.

Largest Unit

The Chief

Price: $6,995


  • Dries four entire firefighter PPE ensembles from head to toe, including:
    • Jackets
    • Pants
    • Boots
    • Gloves
    • Face pieces
    • Hoods
  • Fully mobile
  • Space saving
Fire Department Use
Medium Unit

The Captain

Price: $6,995


  • Dries four sets of turnout gear & one water rescue suit or a hazmat suit
  • Fully mobile
  • Space saving
  • Customizable

Build Your Own Dryer

Your department deserves the best, so let us make it happen with personalized PPE gear dryers! Ask us about our wide selection of completely customizable turnout gear dryers to get the best fit for your department.

Smallest Unit

The Super 8

Price: $3,495


  • Simultaneously dries four pairs of:
    • Boots
    • Gloves
    • Face pieces
    • Hoods
  • Fits helmets nicely
  • Portable or wall-mounted options

Dryer Benefits

Dry gear isn’t just a matter of comfort – it’s about your safety. Our dryers help:

  • Maintain thermal stability of gear
  • Prevent bacteria & mildew
  • Reduce exposure to carcinogens (with proper washing & drying)

Model WS2

Price: $2,895
Wall Mount 2 set
• Coats      
• Pants
• Boots      
• Gloves


Model WS5

Price: $4,395
Wall Mount 5 set
• HD steel construction.
• Electrostatic powder coated.


Model PS4

Price: $4,795
Portable 4 set
• Palm expanders help to straighten fingers: an aid to drying gloves.
• Warmed air is blown right to the toe of the boot.


Model WS4

Price: $3,995
Wall Mount 4 set
• Easily dry inners and shells separately.
• Warmed air is distributed along the inside and outside of the garment.


Model PS2

Price: $3,395
Portable 2 set
• Supported on HD casters.
• Easy to maneuver.


Model PS5

Price: $5,395
Portable 5 set
• Assembly takes approximately 45 minutes.
• Clean the intake screen is the only required regular maintenance.



We Dry Your Wet Gear
We also make specialty Commercial and
Residential dryers

The unit is very "User Friendly" and effective in mask drying. Keep up the good work.

Lt. Scott A. Clifford, East Putnam Fire Dept.

Just wanted to let you know that the dryer arrived yesterday. We just put it together and it works just great.

Sgt. Shawn Harrison