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Hazmat Suit Dryer with gearOur hazmat suit dryers can indeed improve the thermal stability of your gear. You can depend on our products as a boot and glove dryer, cold water rescue suit dryer, and also to dry helmets, turnout gear, dry suits and more. The success of our dryers lies in the over 20 years of experience and patented drying technology we bring to the table.

A rescue suit dryer has an important job, and at Williams Direct ours are up to the task. Imagine a dryer that actually improves the overall thermal stability of your gear. At Williams Direct our boot, glove and hazmat suit dryers do just that. Use our dryers for helmets and all of your turnout gear and learn firsthand what a difference they can make.

Let a Williams Direct hazmat suit dryer improve the thermal stability and safety of your gear. Your gear needs to be dry to be at its most effective and to keep you safe, and we've committed ourselves to providing the finest dryers on the market today.

Model PC2

Price: $2,895
Portable 2 set
• Suits are stored upside down
• Warmed air is blown into the feet and hands


Model PC5

Price: $4,295
Portable 5 set
•Dry 5 sets of gear or customize to include Turnout Gear


Model PC4

Price: $3,895
Portable 4 set
• The interior of the suit is pressurized with warm air
• Air exiting the suite removes the water vapor


ModelEOD AV100

EOD Suit Dryer
• Dries the major components of an EOD suit
• Long term storage capabilities without damage
• Helps eliminate odor and fungal/bacterial contamination