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Listen to the great things people are saying!

We received the dryer and it is now in operation. It works great! Hopefully this will encourage the guys to clean their gear more often.
Thank you for your help.

Chris Guile, Fire Investigator, Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Specialist, Edwardsville Fire Dpt, IL

We have had great success from our dryer and have had no problems with it at all.

Chief Gerald Tatum, Richmond Fire Dpt, KY

The Model RM8 that we purchased is of the finest quality and workmanship that I have seen in a long time. Desmond Mayne was very helpful and courteous in answering any and all questions we had regarding this product. The unit is very "User Friendly" and effective in mask drying. Keep up the good work.

Lt. Scott A. Clifford , East Putnam Fire Dpt, CT

This unit is doing a fantastic drying job. The gear feels like it was naturally dried which leaves it soft and plyable. After our washing and drying you would think the gear was new right out of the bag.

Chief Ken Freiburger, Walkerton Fire Dpt, ON

Our second dryer is working as well as the first and our gear is washed more often because of the quickness of the drying process. Looking to purchase our 3rd dryer.

Chief Dan Contini, Palmer Emergency Service, AK

I have used the gear dryer on serveral occasions for gear that is just "wet" to stuff that is really soaked. The best results come when the liner and shell are separated, of course; otherwise it takes about 4-6 hours for really soaked gear and less for "wet". Boots and gloves take a lot less. We are really happy with the dryer and it gets used frequently by all the crews. The mobility with the caster wheels is also appreciated with the tight quarters we have here.

Captain Al Hird, Calgary Fire Dpt, AB

We are very happy with our dryer. The dryer is working great!!

Chief Eggert , Lumpkin County Fire Dpt, GA