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Bomb Suit DryerPPE Dryers' new bomb suit dryers keep this important gear safe and comfortable for its users.

Our new protective bomb suit dryer is a revolutionary EOD suit dryer, helmet dryer, bomb protection suit dryer and more. Working together with Allen Vanguard we've created a state-of-the-art machine for those who need a WMD suit dryer, NBC suit dryer and bomb gear dryer that gets results. You want a machine that addresses safety, comfort, sanitation and odor, and at PPE Dryers that's exactly the bomb disposal suit dryer you can expect. We've gone the extra mile in creating a dryer that keeps the suits of the brave individuals who work in weapons removal in the very best possible working order.

Bomb Suit Dryer

Is your protective bomb suit dryer in the best condition it could be? The new Explosive Ordinance Device (EOD) Suit Dryer from PPE Dryers always answers this question in the affirmative and is the industry's premier:

  • Bomb disposal suit dryer
  • Helmet dryer
  • Weapons of mass destruction (WMD) suit dryer
  • Nuclear Biological Chemicals (NBC) suit dryer

Allen Vanguard is a leading manufacturer of bomb suits, and working in conjunction with them we've created the very best bomb protection suit in the marketplace. Our bomb gear dryers address:

  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Weight
  • Sanitation
  • Cross contamination
  • Odor
  • Cleanliness

A protective bomb suit dryer can help address fatigue from extra weight due to retained water while increasing comfort and eliminating odor and potential contamination. PPE Dryers has been creating dryers for over two decades, and our experience shows in an EOD suit dryer that sets a new standard for safety and comfort.

Williams Direct Dryers patent pending EOD Suit Dryer is as tough as the specialists that use it. Moreover we'd like to think that we can make a very difficult job a little bit safer and comfortable, and PPE's bomb protection suit dryers and helmet dryers leave no stone unturned in this endeavor.

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The unit is very "User Friendly" and effective in mask drying. Keep up the good work.

Lt. Scott A. Clifford, East Putnam Fire Dept.

Just wanted to let you know that the dryer arrived yesterday. We just put it together and it works just great.

Sgt. Shawn Harrison