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turnout gear dryerWhat type of drying mechanism do your turnout gear dryers use?

Our turnout gear dryers use a non-tumble style drying mechanism. If you need a duty gear dryer guaranteed to safely and effectively dry SCBA masks, fire gears, military gear, rescue suits and more look no further than Williams Direct. As a firefighter equipment gear dryer and boot and glove dryer our products have set a standard the industry is still working to replicate. As we always says, "If you can wear it… we can dry it!".

Turnout Gear Dryer

What makes our turnout gear dryers so effective? It's the non tumble style drying mechanism we employ. Our boot and glove dryers are known for them, and for drying:

Our duty gear dryers are extremely tough and durable. For the finest in fire equipment gear dryers and more remember the name Williams Direct Dryers.

At Williams Direct we know what goes into a good duty gear dryer. The difference in our turnout gear dryers is the non tumble style drying mechanism at the heart of our machines. More than just a boot and glove or firefighter equipment gear dryer, our products safely and effectively dry hazmat suits, SCBA masks, dry and wet suits, and so much more.

Look to Williams Direct Dryers for fire equipment gear dryers and more. Our duty gear dryers employ our patented drying technology to dry SCBA masks, survival suits, and more. Don't settle for just any turnout gear dryer. Depend on our over 20 years of experience to keep your gear as dry and safe as it can possibly be.

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