Frequently Asked Questions

Boot DryerDo you sell boot dryers to commercial and residential customers?

Our boot dryers, glove dryers, and helmet dryers are available to both commercial and residential customers. For over two decades Williams Direct Dryers' patented technology has allowed customers to rescue suits, cold water suits, turnout gear, fire fighter gear, duty gear, survival suits and more safely and effectively. We are proud of the high standards of our boot and glove dryers set.

Boot & Glove Dryer

Since our first boot and glove dryer was built in 1989 we've focused on attention to detail and innovative ideas. We offer not only boot dryers, glove dryers, and helmet dryers but also give commercial and residential customers the ability to dry:

  • Rescue suits
  • Cold water suits
  • Duty gear
  • Turnout gear
  • Fire fighter gear
  • Survival suits
  • Immersion suits
  • Bunker gear

We are customer driven and take our commitment to our commercial and residential customers to heart. If you can wear it we can dry it!

Our boot and glove dryers attract customers from both the residential and commercial world. First responders and individuals know that they can trust their rescue suits, cold water suits, turnout gear, immersion suits and more to our more than 50 styles of dryers. Specialized boot dryers, glove dryers, mask dryers, facepiece dryers, and so much more await your call at Williams Direct Dryers.

Today the importance of a dependable boot and glove dryer is understood amongst commercial operations and first responders. We are proud to offer the industry's finest boot dryers, glove dryers, helmet dryers, and more. Our specialized drying equipment is NFPA compatible, extremely tough, and highly durable. Find the dependability you need with a dryer of your own.

We Dry Your Wet Gear
We also make specialty Commercial and
Residential dryers
The unit is very "User Friendly" and effective in mask drying. Keep up the good work.

Lt. Scott A. Clifford, East Putnam Fire Dept.

Just wanted to let you know that the dryer arrived yesterday. We just put it together at it works just great.

Sgt. Shawn Harrison